Our Work in Child Welfare

Partners for Our Children works to improve the lives of vulnerable children and families in Washington State, especially those touched by the child welfare system. But we can’t do that alone. That’s why we work closely with partners to get the right information into the right hands – those making important decisions about child welfare practice and policy. 

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Child Welfare Fast Facts

  1. In 2015, there were approximately 8,400 children in out-of-home care in Washington State.
  2. The median length of stay in out-of-home care is 17 months.
  3. In 2015, children with only one sibling were placed together 74% of the time.
  4. 64% of legally free children in care were adopted within one year

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Current Projects


Oliver is a new technology solution that will help child welfare and youth/young adult homeless social service providers streamline business processes within their organizations.


Connecting aims to improve bonds between teens and foster parents, which in turn can make teens less vulnerable to risky behaviors. So far, the program has showed promising results.

Data Portal

The Data Portal provides access to data about children and families who interact with the child welfare system in Washington State.


Strive is a set of new parent support and education programs being designed specifically for parents involved in the child welfare system

Latest Briefs and Reports

Mental Health

Children's Mental Health

This 2016 brief provides key facts on mental health issues related to children - how many are affected, how many receive the care they need, what level of mental health coverage is available, and more.
Brief Jan 25, 2016

Poverty & Involvement in the Child Welfare...

This 2016 brief provides key facts on the intersection between poverty and involvement in the child welfare system, as well as policy recommendations to ensure family economic security.
Brief Jan 24, 2016
Foster Care

Family Visitation in the Child Welfare System

This updated 2016 policy brief provides background on visitation for parents and their children in foster care, an overview of research findings on visitation and policy recommendations for visitation.
Brief Jan 14, 2016
State Policy

A Separate Children's Department in...

This 2016 policy brief provides an overview of why creating a separate Children's Department in Washington State would be a better way to serve children and families.
Brief Jan 01, 2016

Featured Report

The Annual Report helps Washington better understand how children served by the state child welfare system are faring in the areas of safety, permanency, and well-being & education.

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