Director of Youth and Young Adult Programs

For nearly 40 years, Jim has been serving the most vulnerable children, youth, and families of Washington state. He began as an outreach worker to youth and young adults surviving on the streets of Seattle and has also served as Clinical Director at Youthcare, Director of the Mental Health Clinic at King County Juvenile Detention, and clinical consultant and trainer to multiple nonprofit organizations and schools. In 1999, Jim expanded from the clinical arena into public policy when he authored landmark legislation – The HOPE Act. Most recently, he was the founder and executive director of the nationally-acclaimed nonprofit organization, The Mockingbird Society. Jim is passionate about engaging the “customers” of the child welfare and homeless youth systems in designing innovative and culturally-relevant programs, policies, and practices. His main focus at POC is supporting the development and deployment of Oliver. Jim has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Seattle University and is a state-certified Licensed Mental Health Professional and Chemical Dependency Counselor.  

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