Status Summary

HB 1174, which had been referred back to House Rules after the end of the regular session, was brought out of Rules, passed by the House, and referred to the Energy, Environment, and Telecommuniciations Committee. No executive action was taken, therefore the bill is dead.

Legislative Session



Rep. Van De Wege

HB 1174 is the companion (same as) to SB 5684.

Environment Committee Amendment:  As amended by the Committee, HB 1174 exempts antimony and antimony compounds from restrictions on the manufacture, sale, and distribution of children's products and residential upholstered furniture containing flame retardants identified as chemicals of high concern for children.

House Floor Amendment:  As amended the bill requires the Department of Ecology to complete the adoption of a rule to identify a flame retardant as a high priority chemical of high concern for children by December 1 of a given year, and delays the effective date of restrictions on the flame retardant until the end of the regular legislative session in the following year.