Status Summary

HB 1452 did not come out of Rules and therefore died.

Legislative Session





Rep. Dahlquist

Sponsored by Representative Dahlquist, HB 1452 states that a student who receives a score of below basic on the third grade statewide student assessment in English language arts may not be promoted to fourth grade unless he or she has significant cognitive disabilities, has an individualized education program team that determines that retention is not an appropriate educational placement, is an English language learner who has been enrolled in a transitional bilingual instructional program for two or fewer years, or has previously been retained in the same grade and who have received supplemental instruction and remediation for at least two years. Students who are retained in third grade may be promoted mid-year to the fourth grade if they demonstrate sufficient progress to be likely to achieve at least a score of basic on the fourth grade statewide assessment. School districts must provide written notification to the parent or guardian who does not meet the state standard. In the following year, school districts must also provide to students a minimum of 90 minutes of daily, research-based instruction in English language arts; small group instruction or reduced teacher-to-student ratios; supplemental tutoring; and use of diagnostic assessments to identify skill areas that need attention and other assessments to monitor progress. Students who do not meet state standards (whether they are then retained or passed up to fourth grade as the result of an exemption) must be provided with extended school days or school years or a summer school program.