Status Summary

HB 1675 did not come up for a vote in the Senate Human Services and Corrections Committee and therefore died.

Legislative Session





Rep. Roberts

Sponsored by Representative Roberts, HB 1675 requires that the adoption pre-placement report include information about disciplinary and punishment philosophies and practices of the person requesting to be an adoptive parent, as well as any prior complete or incomplete pre-placement reports. In addition, the Secretary will establish procedures and requirements for identifying, tracking, and reporting adoption disruption and dissolution, and the contributing factors, including requiring regular reports from child-placing agencies relating to children placed for adoption.

Substitute HB 1675:  As amended, HB 1675 strikes provisions related to the qualifications required of persons preparing a pre placement or post placement report;  focuses the additional required area of inquiry for purposes of the pre placement and post placement reports on the prospective adoptive parent's "planned approach to child discipline and punishment" rather than "disciplinary and punishment philosophies and practices."  Additionally, the bill as amended requires that, for the purpose of tracking adoption disruptions, adoption data cards must indicate whether the child being adopted has previously been adopted, and that the data gathered by the DOH on this must be shared with the DSHS and incorporated into the DSHS tracking and reporting relative to adoption disruption and dissolution.  Finally, a new reporting provision is added, requiring the OFCO to include in its already required annual report information regarding the progress made by the DSHS in implementing recommendations.