Status Summary

HB 1682 was passed in the House Education Committee and referred to Appropriations. This bill is dead. Note: This is not a new bill, however, it has been newly added to the weekly update.

Legislative Session



Representative Frey

HB 1682 is a companion (same as) SB 5065.

The bill was amended in the House Education Committee and now does the following:

The part of the bill that would have added a homeless student education liaison to the prototypical school model was removed, and replaced by the competitive grant program for school districts to increase identification of homeless students and the capacity of the districts to provide support, which may include education liaisons. Additionally, the housing grant program is now limited to 15 school districts, rather than 15 schools. Language was clarified that allows unaccompanied homeless students, as well as homeless students and their families, to be assisted. The reporting requirement with respect to this grant program was changed and now states that school districts do not need to report directly to the Legislature. Instead, school districts and the eligible organizations with which they work will report to the OSPI and the Department.