Status Summary

HB 1685 did not come out of Senate Ways and Means and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session





Rep. Gregerson

HB 1685 establishes the Washington food policy forum to examine and improve the state’s food system to reduce food insecurity and hunger, and ensure that all Washingtonians have access to nutritionally dense foods regardless of income levels, particularly vulnerable children, the elderly, people with disabilities, and communities of color. The forum will present to the legislature recommendations by October 31, 2016.

This section expires July 1, 2017.

Agriculture Committee Amendment:  As amended, the Director of the Commission, in making appointments, is required to attempt to ensure a diversity of knowledge, experience, and perspectives by building on the representation established by the Roundtable initiated pursuant to Executive Order 10-02. In addition, a majority of the appointed members must appoint an administrative chair, rather than the Director of the Commission appointing an administrative chair. Further, the amendment clarifies that staff for the Forum is provided by the Commission and that the Commission is responsible for transmitting the Forum's recommendations to the Legislature.

House Floor Amendment:  The floor amendment does the following:

Requires the food policy forum to coordinate with the Washington State University center for sustaining agriculture and natural resources and to review, consider, and discuss a study that the Washington State University center for sustaining agriculture and natural resources is required to perform that builds on work performed by the Washington state food system roundtable and identifies a twenty-five year goal for expansion of the state's food production, processing, and distribution capacity.