Status Summary

HB 1734 was not heard in Appropriations prior to the cut-off and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session





Rep. Sawyer

Sponsored by Representative Sawyer, HB 1734 states that exemptions from the five-year time limit for recipients of TANF under the family violence options must include situations where imposing the limit on a recipient would unfairly penalize an individual who has experienced past family violence, which disrupted the recipient’s ability to obtain and keep employment or increase wage earning potential over time.  Current hardship exemptions (situations in which the recipient receives SSI or SSD, has an open child welfare case that is their first case, meets the family violence criteria, or is a caretaker relative and is over 55 years old) are codified.  Additional exemptions are identified and include situations in which a family lives in a county with an unemployment rate of 6% or more, the parent has a temporary mental or physical incapacity, a parent is working in unsubsidized employment for more than 20 hours per week, or a parent is functionally illiterate.