Status Summary

HB 1900 was not heard or passed in Appropriations and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session





Rep. Ortiz-Self

HB 1900 defines the primary role of school counselors, social workers, and psychologists is to focus on student mental health, work with at-risk and marginalized students, perform risk assessments, and collaborate with mental health professionals. The majority of a school counselor’s, social worker's, or psychologist's time should be spent in direct student contact identifying, collaborating, and intervening to meet the mental health needs of all students.

Further, the school counselor is identified as the professional who works with developing and delivering a guidance curriculum, and the school psychologist also delivers testing, if time permits. In addition to other activities requiring direct student contact, responsibilities such as data monitoring and data input should be handled by nonlicensed, noncertified staff, where possible.