Status Summary

HB 2166 died in Senate rules.

Legislative Session



Representative Lytton

HB 2166 addresses the concern that nationally, there are nearly two million students who are from military families, where one or more parent or guardian serves in the United States armed forces, reserves, or national guard. There are approximately 136,000 military families in Washington State. It is not possible to monitor educational outcomes for students from military families due to the lack of a student identifier in state educational data systems.

The bill states that such an identifier is needed to allow educators and policymakers to monitor critical elements of education success, including academic progress and proficiency, special and advanced program participation, mobility and dropout rates, and patterns over time across states and school districts. Reliable information about student performance will assist educators in more effectively transitioning students to a new school and enable school districts to discover and implement best practices.

HB 2166 requires school districts to identify students from military families in the statewide student data system beginning no later than the 2015-16 school year.

Substitute bill:  As amended, HB2166 requires the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)'s reporting format and school district instructions on collecting and submitting data to include "students from military families"; requires the K-12 Data Governance Group to develop best practice guidelines for the collection and regular updating of data on students from military families; and requires the OSPI to report to the Legislature the average number of students from military families who are special education students statewide, by school district, and by school.

Second substitute adds a null and void clause.