Status Summary

HB 2220 was introduced on March 30th and referred to Appropriations. It was considered a bill necessary to implement the budget so was not subject to the cut-off for introduction. The bill has not been scheduled for a hearing and therefore died.

Legislative Session





Representative Hunter

HB 2220 has two components:

  1. The bill allows that, in addition to their monthly benefit payment, a family may earn and keep seventy-five percent, as opposed to the current 50%, of its earnings during every month it is eligible to receive assistance under this section. 
  2. The bill directs the Department of Social and Health Services to pass through child support to a family on public assistance when the child support does not exceed $100/month per month collected on behalf of a family; or in the case of a family that includes two or more children an amount that is not more than $200 per month.

The effective date of the bill is July 1, 2015.