Status Summary

HB 2373 did not come up for a vote in the Senate and therefore died, however, its companion, SB 6074 passed the House.

Legislative Session





Representative Parker

HB 2373 is a companion (same as) to SB 6074. See SB 6074 for a summary of the bill.

HB 2373 as amended by the Appropriations Subcommittee on Education: 

  • The date of the OSPI report to the Legislature and Governor changed to every other year starting January 10, 2015, rather than every other year starting December 1, 2014;
  • School districts are required to make an annual effort that strongly encourages the homeless student liaisons to attend trainings;
  • Language is clarified specifying that reports to the OSPI, Legislature, and Governor include the number of identified homeless students, rather than the number of homeless students;
  • The requirement that school districts provide a brochure to parents describing the services and support for homeless students, is changed to a requirement that school districts include this information with other information distributed to students at enrollment or at the beginning of the school year; and
  • School districts are strongly encouraged to use a variety of communications each year to notify students and families about services and support available to them if they are experiencing homelessness, and lists some communication options.

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