Status Summary

HB 2394 was amended and exec'd in Senate Human Services Committee, pulled in Rules, passed by the Senate and will (likely) return to the House for concurrence/dispute. The House concurred and the bill has signed into law by the Governor. Note: The Senate bill also made its way to the Governor but was vetoed.

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Walsh

HB 2394 would create a parent for parent program for individuals with disabilities by matching parents seeking support with experienced and trained support parents. Subject to the availability of funds, the activities of the parent for parent program would include: outreach and support to newly identified parents of children with special needs, educational trainings, ongoing peer support, and regular communication with local programs to ensure consistent practices. This program would be funded through DSHS and centrally administered through a pass-through to a Washington State lead organization that has experience providing support to parents of individuals with developmental disabilities.  This organization would provide ongoing training to local organization and provide oversight of the statewide program. Each local program would be locally administered and parents would serve as advisors and provide program coordination.

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