Status Summary

HB 2415 heard and passed by the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Housing & Insurance. It was then referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee, where it was heard but not passed. The bill is dead.

Legislative Session



Representative Parker

HB 2415 directs the Department of Commerce to provide a temporary homeless status certificate form to any homeless person in the state who may need to provide a physical or mailing address for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining employment. The bill specifies the kind of information that must be provided. The form must be filed with the Dept. of Commerce within 10 days of completion and must expire one year from the date it was certified by the Dept.

Substitute bill:  As amended, the pilot program replaces the implementation of the homeless status certification statewide. Specific identification and verification requirements are removed. The terms of use of the certification are removed and the COM is not expressly authorized to integrate the information on the certification form with the Homeless Client Management Information System.