Status Summary

HB 2483 was heard in the Senate Law and Justice Committee; however, was not exec'd and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep Sawyer

HB 2483 is focused on protecting minors from sexual exploitation. The bill would authorize law enforcement to utilize the limited use of the administrative subpoena authority contained within the act for the purpose of investigating crimes regarding sexual exploitation of children. In cases of sexual exploitation of children, the bill would allow a prosecuting attorney to issue a subpoena to a provider requiring the production of records reasonably relevant to the investigation. The provider would be unable to disclose the existence of the subpoena to the subscribers whose records are requested or released for ninety days after the release of the subpoena. The provider would have the ability to petition the superior court for an order modifying or eliminating the subpoena on the grounds it is oppressive or unreasonable. Under the act, the attorney general or prosecuting attorney may seek an injunction from the superior court to compel compliance with the subpoena. The bill further stipulates that governmental entities receiving records under the auspices of this bill are not required to provide notice to the subscriber or customer whose information or records are obtained as a result of the subpoena.