Status Summary

Although HB 2665 died in the Senate Human Services and Corrections committee, the extension of the Advisory Committee until June 30, 2015, was included in the House budget, as well as the final budget.

Legislative Session



Representative Pettigrew

HB 2665 eliminates June 30th, 2014 as the expiration date of the advisory committee on the disproportionate representation of children of color in Washington's child welfare system. This advisory committee was originally intended to analyze and make recommendations regarding issues of disproportionality such as the level of involvement of children of color at each stage in the state's child welfare system, (including the points of entry and exit and each point at which a treatment decision is made), the number of children of color in low-income or single-parent families involved in the state's child welfare system and the family structures of families involved in the state's child welfare system. 

The bill also requires the advisory committee to develop membership rules by August 1, 2014, and requires the rules to be included in the annual secretary's report. 

The bill was amended in committee.

Substitute bill: As amended, HB 2665 directs the advisory committee to develop membership rules in consultation with specific commissions.  It directs the advisory committee to conduct an analysis examining the number of children involved in the child welfare system with incarcerated parents.  Further, the bill adds a sunset process requiring a review of the effectiveness and performance of the advisory committee by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee.  Finally, HB 2665 repeals all expiration dates for the work of the advisory committee.