Status Summary

HB 2746 passed the House and the Senate and has been signed into law by the Governor.

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HB 2746 would amend current statute relating to mental health and chemical dependency treatment for juvenile offenders. The bill would expand the definition of community supervision to include residential treatment, where substance abuse, mental health, and/or co-occurring disorders have been identified in an assessment by a qualified mental health professional, psychologist, psychiatrist, or chemical dependency professional. The bill also stipulates a court may order residential treatment after consideration and findings regarding whether: the referral is necessary to rehabilitate the child, the referral is necessary to protect the public or the child, the referral is in the child's best interest, the child has been given the opportunity to engage in less restrictive treatment and has been unable or unwilling to comply, and impatient treatment is the least restrictive action consistent with the child's needs and circumstances. Additionally, the bill expands the purpose of a disposition alternative to assure minors in need of chemical dependency, mental health, and/or co-occurring disorder treatment receive an appropriate continuum of culturally relevant care and treatment, including prevention and early intervention, self-directed care, parent-directed care, and residential treatment. It is also amended that the purpose of the disposition is to protect minors against needless hospitalizations and deprivations of liberty.

As amended the bill: Includes residential treatment for substance abuse, mental health, or cooccurring disorders in community supervision for juvenile offenders. Repeals the juvenile mental health disposition alternative. Adds mental health treatment to the chemical dependency disposition alternative to create the chemical dependency or mental health disposition alternative and makes some changes to that disposition alternative, including expanding the length of inpatient treatment that can be ordered.