Status Summary

HB 2811 did not come up for a vote on the House floor and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Walkinshaw

HB 2811 adds several definitions to the current RCW (revised codes of WA, or laws!), including a definition of Comprehensive reusable tenant screening report; criminal history, and eviction history.  Additionally the bill requires landlords to notify prospective tenants whether or not they will accept a comprehensive reusable report.  A landlord can choose to access their own report; however, they would not be allowed to charge the tenant.

Further, HB 2811 deals with limited detainer actions, under what circumstances they can be disseminated, what screening service providers are allowed/not allowed to do, etc.

As amended, the bill added a required element of a comprehensive reusable screening report, that it also include a report containing the prospective tenant's address and rental history.