Status Summary

SB 5123 was heard in the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee on Jan. 21st, but it did not come up for a vote and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session





Senator Frockt

SB 5123 adds to the definition of tenant screening report by including the language, “A tenant screening report must include tenant screening service contract information in or on the report.” The bill also defines comprehensive screening report, criminal history, and eviction history. Further, SB5123 states that a landlord my charge a prospective tenant for costs incurred in obtaining a tenant screening report only if the landlord provides the information as currently required, (new language) unless a comprehensive tenant screening report regarding the prospective tenant, prepared within thirty days of the application date, is made available to the prospective landlord by a consumer reporting agency. The new language goes on to read, If a consumer reporting agency provides access to a comprehensive tenant screening report, a prospective landlord may still obtain another tenant screening report but may not charge the prospective tenant for the subsequent report. A prospective landlord shall not treat a prospective tenant for whom a comprehensive tenant screening report is available any less favorably solely because a consumer reporting agency provides access to a comprehensive screening port. The law would go into effect Nov, 2016.