Status Summary

SB 5155 was heard in the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education. The bill was never scheduled for executive action. Therefore, the bill died.

Legislative Session





Sen. McAuliffe

This bill states that when a student is suspended for more than 10 days or expelled, the school must create a plan to provide academic services to the student during the period of suspension or expulsion and create a plan for the student’s reentry into the school, with both plans being provided to the student and his or her legal guardian on the first day of the student’s suspension or expulsion. For the student to be eligible for reentry, he or she must show that steps were taken to address the cause of the suspension or expulsion. The school will determine whether these steps are satisfactory and will meet with the student and his or her legal guardian to discuss the best placement for the student in the present school, a specific program, or an alternative school. The school must attempt to schedule this as an in-person meeting and document these attempts, but if more than one such attempt has failed, then meeting by phone or email is acceptable. The school will also provide the student upon reentry with support, mentoring, and monitoring with an adult designated by the school, who will meet with the student at least once per week, for at least one month upon the student’s reentry. The student, the student’s legal guardian, and a school designee will sign an agreement regarding expectations for the student’s behavior. A peer mentor may also be used in addition to the adult designee for support and monitoring of the student.