Status Summary

SB 5160 was referred to the Senate Early Learning/K-12 Committee and was heard on Feb. 16th, 1:30. It was not scheduled for exec action so the bill is dead.

Legislative Session





Senator McCoy

SB 5160 creates an office of Native early child care and education within the Department of Early Learning geared towards increasing support, technical assistance, access, and advocacy for early child care and education for American Indian and Alaska Native students.  The bill identifies the primary duties of the office, including providing assistance to families in meeting the early child care and educational needs of American Indian and Alaska native children; facilitating the development and implementation of curricula and instructional materials in native language; providing assistance to early child care and education providers in the acquisition of funding to develop curricula and instructional materials in conjunction with native language practitioners and tribal elders; and others.  The office is required to report to the Governor, the legislature and the governor’s office of Indian affairs on an annual basis, beginning in Dec. 2015.  Finally, SB 5160 creates the Native early child care and education public-private partnership account in the custody of the state treasurer.  The account can receive state/federal funds, gifts or grants from the private sector, foundations, and other sources; however, only the director of designee of the Dept. of Early Learning may authorize expenditures from the account.