Status Summary

SB 5234 was heard in the Senate Committee on Human Services & Corrections Committee, but was never scheduled for executive action. Therefore, the bill died.

Legislative Session





Sen. Carrell

This bill states that the systems responsible for financing, administration, and delivery of publicly funded mental health and chemical dependency services to adults must be designed and administered to achieve improved outcomes for adult clients served by those systems through increased use and development of evidence-based, research-based, and promising practices. Client outcomes are identified and the bill directs the DSHS to establish a steering committee to implement a strategy (that must include a variety of components) for the improvement of the adult behavioral health system. By Aug. 1, 2014, DSHS must report to the governor and the relevant fiscal and policy committees of the legislature on the status of implementation of the behavioral health improvement strategy. Additionally, SB 5234 addresses persons involuntarily committed for treatment to a hospital for 90-180 days, and defines evidence-based, emerging/promising practices, and research-based programs/practices.