Status Summary

SB 5245 was heard in the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee on Jan. 28th at 1:30. It has not been scheduled for executive action; however, it appears that SB 5244 incorporates much of SB 5245.

Legislative Session



Sen. Litzow

Sponsored by Sen. Litzow, SB 5245 requires that all student data-related reports required of the OSPI regarding student suspensions and expulsions are subject to disaggregation by subgroups.  Such subgroups include: gender, foster care, homeless, school district, school, grade level, behavior infraction code, intervention applied, number of days a student is suspended or expelled, and any other categories added at a future date by the data governance group.  Additionally, the reports are required to be cross-tabulated in a specified manner.  Existing statute directing OSPI to submit reports regarding comprehensive data for financial, student and educator systems is eliminated, and the K-12 data governance group is directed to examine the data collected under the behavior infraction subgroup and create at least four additional behavior infraction codes, including: defiance, disruption, cell phone violations, and gang activity, and may create other categories as needed,  by Dec. 1, 2013.