Status Summary

SB 5245 did not come up for a vote in the Senate and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session





Senator Dammeier

SB 5245 disburses 15% of marijuana excise taxes to DSHS division of behavioral health and recovery for the development, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of programs and practices aimed at the prevention or reduction of substance abuse. Of these funds, 85% must be directed to evidence-based programs and practices that are cost-beneficial by September 1, 2020. DSHS, in consultation with the Washington state institute for public policy, the University of Washington social development research group, and faculty from Washington State University, must determine a definition of cost-beneficial as it relates to prevention and treatment programming. A report on the findings is to be submitted to the legislature by December 1, 2017.

Human Services, Mental Health, Housing Committee Amendment: As amended, the list of programs that may benefit from the funds appropriated under this legislation now includes crisis services such as, mobile crisis response, crisis stabilization, and crisis triage; evidence-based or research-based peer support services; mental health courts; cognitive behavioral therapy; posttraumatic stress disorder prevention following trauma; inpatient transition support programs; and permanent supportive housing programs.