Status Summary

SB 5317 was heard in the House Health and Wellness Committee on March 25th, but did not come up for executive action and therefore was initially dead. However, funding is included in the proposed Senate budget. SB 5317 did come back to life on May 27th when it was pulled out of Senate Rules. On May 28th,the Senate passed the bill and sent it to the House. The House brought it to the floor and passed it before the end of the 1st special session! SB 5317 was signed into law on June 10th and went into effect on Aug. 27th, 2015.

Legislative Session





Sen. Frockt

SB 5317 is a companion (same as) HB 1365.

As amended in the Health Committee, identifies that the Bright Future guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics are those that existed on the effective date of this act.