Status Summary

SB 5378 was referred to the Senate Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee and re-referred to the Senate Human Services, Mental Health and Housing Committee. It was not scheduled for a hearing. Therefore, the bill is dead.

Legislative Session





Sen. Kohl-Welles

SB 5378 prohibits, based on the source of income of an otherwise eligible applicant or tenant, 9 circumstances, including (this summary does not include all 9 identified in the bill):

  • Refusing to lease or rent any real property to an applicant;
  • Expelling a tenant from any real property;
  • Making any distinction, discrimination, or restriction against an applicant or tenant in the price, terms, conditions, or privileges relating to the rental, lease, or occupancy of real property or in the furnishing of any facilities or services in connection with the rental, lease or occupancy of real property;
  • Attempting to discourage the renal or lease of any real property to the applicant;and
  • Representing to a person that a dwelling unit is not available for rental when the dwelling unit in fat is available for rental.

The bill also defines source of income and identifies circumstances where the prohibitions do not apply.