Status Summary

SB 5638 was referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee but was never scheduled for a hearing.

Legislative Session





Sen. Harper

Sponsored by Senator Harper, SB 5638 states that fiscal notes dealing with corrections, child welfare, and mental health issues will include an estimate of the fiscal impact of expenditure reductions or increases on other state or local program expenditures as well as any return on investment as a result of the legislation. The office of financial management and the Washington state institute for public policy, in consultation with university-based research institutions, shall work together to implement this directive.

Additionally, the director of the Office of Financial Management and the director of the Washington State Institute for Public Policy will convene a work group to explore the establishment of a nonpartisan agency to conduct objective, impartial fiscal analysis on behalf of the legislature.  The specifics of what the workgroup will consider are delineated.