Status Summary

SB 5884 was signed into law by the Governor and went into effect immediately.

Legislative Session



Sen. Kohl-Welles

SB 5884 creates the Washington State clearinghouse on human trafficking, an information portal to share and coordinate statewide efforts to fight sex and labor trafficking, and the commercial sexual exploitation of children. The clearinghouse will include a website operated by the office of crime victims advocacy, and will serve the following functions:

  • coordinate information regarding all statewide task forces relating to trafficking,
  • publish findings and legislative reports of all statewide task forces,
  • provide a comprehensive directory of resources for victims of trafficking, and
  • collect and disseminate up-to-date information regarding trafficking, including state and federal news and legislative efforts.

This bill also changes the membership of the Washington State task force against the trafficking of persons by replacing the director of the office of community development with the director of the office of crime victims advocacy, who will chair the task force and select the remaining members. The task force will report its findings and make recommendations to the governor and legislature as needed. The expiration date for the task force has been removed.

Lastly, this bill extends the expiration date for the commercially sexually exploited children statewide coordinating committee to June 30, 2017.

Senate Striking Amendment:  SB 5884 as amended on the Senate floor:

The human trafficking task force members include one appointed legislator from each chamber and at least one human trafficking survivor. The office of crime victims advocacy director may appoint additional task force members from public, private, and community nonprofit organizations who either provide services to trafficking victims and survivors or work on antitrafficking efforts or both. The task force must evaluate needed resources for trafficking victims and survivors and consider activities and resources provided in other states. The task force must also review the effectiveness of Washington's antitrafficking laws and recommend needed legislative changes. The model antitrafficking public restroom notice is a voluntary effort. The OCVA must report the progress of voluntary notices efforts to the legislature by December 31, 2016.