Status Summary

SB 5915 was referred to the House Appropriations Committee, but was not scheduled for a hearing. The bill was referenced (and funded) in the Senate budget, however, which means it could resurface in the context of the budget discussions.

Legislative Session


As amended by the Senate Committee on Ways and Means: Beginning in 2017, fiscal notes dealing with corrections, child welfare, and mental health issues must include an estimate of impacts on expenditures of other state and local government programs, and a return on investment as a result of the legislation. OFM and the Washington State Institute for Public Policy must convene a workgroup to explore the establishment of a nonpartisan agency to conduct impartial fiscal analysis on behalf of the Legislature. The workgroup must include members of the Senate and House of Representatives, as well as representatives of the Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program Committee, the State Treasurer, the Caseload Forecast Council, and the Economic and Revenue Forecast Council. The workgroup must report its findings and recommendations to the Legislature by December 1, 2016.

Senate Striking Amendment:  As Senate floor amendment did the following:

(1) Simplifies the process for developing dynamic fiscal impact statements. (2) Allows the statements to be updated during the legislative session. (3) Dynamic fiscal notes on social service programs are limited to bills with impacts exceeding 5 million dollars. (4) The tasks of the work group are simplified to focus on fiscal note preparation.