Status Summary

A proposed substitute version of the bill was heard in Senate Ways and Means on June 11th. It was not scheduled for executive action and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session



Senators Dammeier, Rolfes, Rivers, Hargrove

SB 6130 does the following (please note that this is a summary of the proposed substitute) :

  • Specifies that the legislative definition of basic education includes statewide salary allocations that are competitive and market based.
  • Re-codifies existing statutes addressing basic education in a single chapter.
  • Creates accounting and accountability procedures for monitoring the use of local funds and supplemental contracts.
  • Phases in new salaries for all school staff and implements a revised salary allocation model for teachers and other certificated staff.
  • Requires a comparable wage analysis every four years to maintain competitive salaries.
  • Changes the local school district levy and local effort assistance processes.
  • Establishes the Education Funding Council to monitor the implementation of the act, to make recommendations to avoid any unintended consequences, and which may develop and recommend a different plan to meet the State's constitutional basic education obligation.
  • Conditions the effective date of the provisions addressing compensation, supplemental contracts, and levies on a revenue source or sources being enacted and generating enough additional state revenue to fully fund the provisions.

The act also provides that the Legislature recognizes that to accomplish all of the actions laid out in the plan under the act requires additional sources of revenue and should not be accomplished through reductions to other parts of the budget.