Status Summary

SB 6243 passed the Senate, was referred to the House Education Committee, passed by the Ed Committee, sent to Appropriations but not heard and therefore is dead. However, when HB 2439, the youth mental health bill went back to the Senate after the House did not concur with the Senate amendments, they included the contents of SB 6243 onto HB 2439. So, while SB 6243 died, its substance lived on through HB 2439. Another example of how a bill is not really dead until they adjourn sine die! It appears, however, that this section of HB 2439 is dependent upon funding and it is unclear if such funding was allocated in the budget.

Legislative Session



In Progress


Sen. Litzow

SB 6243 would amend current statute relating to preventing youth suicide by mandating educational service districts to work with Forefront at the University of Washington to develop a two-day youth suicide prevention training program for middle and high school administrators, teachers, counselors, psychologists, social workers, and parents or guardians.