Status Summary

SB 6413 passed in House Judiciary, pulled in Rules and passed by the House. The bill was amended by the Judiciary Committee so will likely go back to the Senate for concurrence/dispute. The Senate concurred with the House amendments and the bill has been signed into law by the Governor.

Legislative Session



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HB 6413 amends current state so that prior to obtaining any information about a prospective tenant, a prospective landlord shall notify a tenant in writing or posting whether they will accept a comprehensive reusable tenant screening report made available to the landlord by a consumer reporting agency. If the landlord indicates a willingness to do so, landlords may access a tenant screening report so long as the prospective tenant is not charged for the screening report. The bill would also require any landlord who maintains a website advertising the rental of a dwelling unit must include a statement as to whether they will accept the comprehensive reusable tenant screening report. The bill also strikes outdated language related to a stakeholder work group that explored the idea of a portable screening report. The bill also amends current statute to allow tenants 21 days (rather than 14, as stated in current statute) in which to provide a specific statement of the basis for retaining any of the deposit.

Judiciary Committee amendment: Provides that the consumer credit report contained within a "comprehensive reusable tenant screening report" is prepared by a consumer reporting agency and not necessarily one of the national credit bureaus.

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