Status Summary

SB 6491 did not come out of Senate Rules and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session


SB 6491 requires an electronic benefit (EBT) card issued to or on behalf of a person receiving public assistance to contain a photo identification of the person authorized to use the card.

The bill requires any costs associated with the photo identification requirement to be spread out over a six-month period and be deducted from the electronic benefit card issued to the person receiving assistance.

Substitute bill: As amended, the requirement that EBT cards include a photo ID of the authorized recipient is removed. The Department of Social and Health Services, in consultation with WSIPP, is tasked with studying issues related to requiring photo IDs on EBT cards. The study should identify the benefits and practical implementation concerns associated with the required use and issuance of photo ID cards. A report is due to the Legislature on December 1, 2014. The report may include any recommendations to the Legislature that may help prevent the fraudulent use of EBT cards.