Status Summary

SB 6494 was heard in the Senate Human Services, Mental Health, and Housing Committee; the bill was exec'd out of this committee on February 5th and referred to Ways & Means. The bill was heard, amended and exec'd of Ways and Means on February 8th and was referred to Rules. It was pulled in Rules but did not come up for a vote on the Senate floor and therefore is dead. The House companion, HB 2439, was passed by the legislature and signed into law by the Governor.

Legislative Session



In Progress



SB 6494 is the companion bill of HB 2439.

The bill was amended by the Human Services, Mental Health, & Housing committee in the following ways:

  • The composition and requirements of the Work Group are changed. HCA and DSHS must report additional data relating to usage of mental health services by children. HCA must create a PAL Plus pilot program.
  • JLARC must inventory mental health services models available to students and report its findings by October 31, 2016.
  • Universal depression screening for children must be an annual service.
  • The Legislature encourages the use of behavioral health therapies that are empirically supported and discourages the overuse of psychotropic medication for children and youth.

The bill was amended by the Ways & Means committee in the following ways:

  • Removes the requirement for HCA to create a PAL Plus pilot program.
  • Removes the requirement that depression screening be an annual covered service.
  • Requires that the JLARC inventory of mental health services be completed within existing appropriations.

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