Status Summary

SB 6495 did not get out of Rules and therefore is dead.

Legislative Session



In Progress



SB 6495 amends current statute relating to ensuring parents and children are aware of their due process rights when agencies are investigating allegations of child abuse and neglect. The amendments would differentiate notices relating to founded and unfounded findings. Current statute mandates findings - founded or unfounded - to be made by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the person's last known address. The amendment would maintain this language for founded findings. It would then indicate unfounded notifications must be made by regular mail to the person’s last known address or by email. The bill would also amend statute related to the Secretary of DSHS's ability to issue an order to withhold and deliver property. It would strike language that the order should be delivered for the service of summons in a civil action or certified mail, return receipt requested; it would replace this language that the order should be delivered by regular mail or electronically (with the party's agreement). Finally, the bill would add specificity to current statute regarding DSHS's ability to submit to the department of licensing a parent's name who is not in compliance with a child support order; these notices would be sent to the parents by first class mail, addressed to the responsible parent's last known mailing address on file with the department (postage prepaid) or by personal service.