Status Summary

SB 6529 was referred to the Early Learning & K-12 Education committee but was not scheduled for a hearing. Therefore the bill is dead.

Legislative Session



Senator McCoy

SB 6529 states that it is a goal of the state to provide for a public school system that gives all students the opportunity to achieve personal and academic success. This goal contains within it a promise of excellence and opportunity for all students, not just some students. 

The bill states that in its 2013 report to the legislature, the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee made recommendations about specific policies and strategies to close the educational opportunity gap. Recommendations include decreasing the disproportionate representation of students of color in disciplinary actions in schools, enhancing the cultural competence of current and future educators, and providing English language learner and second language acquisition endorsements for all educators, creating new English language learner accountability benchmarks, providing tools for deeper data analysis and disaggregation of student demographic data to inform instructional strategies to close the opportunity gap, and investing in the recruitment and retention of educators of color.

SB 6529 identifies that it is the intent of the legislature to adopt policies and programs to implement the six recommendations of the educational opportunity gap oversight and accountability committee; the bill carefully outlines concrete ways that these policies can be adopted.