Status Summary

The bill was signed by the Governor on March 30th.

Legislative Session





Senators Hargrove, Shin, and Roach

The Legislative Digest states that this bill “Establishes a family assessment response which is a way of responding to certain reports of child abuse or neglect using a differential response approach to child protective services.

Requires the department of social and health services to:

(1) Implement the family assessment response no later than December 1, 2013; and

(2) Conduct two client satisfaction surveys of families that have been placed in the family assessment response.

Requires the state institute for public policy to conduct an evaluation of the implementation of the family assessment response.

Provides immunity from liability to:

(1) Governmental entities for their acts or omissions in emergent placement investigations of child abuse or neglect; and

(2) The department of social and health services for acts performed in compliance with a court order, including shelter care and other dependency orders.”

Creates an alternative to conducting a traditional Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation in low to moderate risk cases referred to the system with concerns of child maltreatment. These families would be offered services without the requirement of a legal finding of child maltreatment. Family Assessment Response provides a structured way of protecting children while reducing the coercive nature of traditional child protection activities.