Status Summary

SB 6557 was referred to the Senate Human Services, Mental Health and Housing committee but was not scheduled for a hearing. Therefore the bill is dead.

Legislative Session



In Progress



SB 6557 creates the Washington State Partnership Council and establishes the council as the advisory group for the state under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act. The bill stipulates the council shall serve in an advisory capacity to the governor as required by federal regulations and provide information and recommendations to the governor on a regular basis. The bill establishes the council as the advisory board for all planning, administrative, and funding functions of the act and shall make subgrants for planning and improving juvenile justices consistent with the act's intent. The bill provides for the administrative office of the courts to convene the partnership council and provide staff support subject to the availability of federal funds. The bill further stipulates the composition of its 25 members to be appointed by the governor.