Status Summary

SB 6647 was heard in Ways and Means but not exec'd. Therefore the bill is dead.

Legislative Session



In Progress



SB responds to the crisis of homelessness in Washington State. The bill would create the homeless assistance account in the state treasury. Legislative appropriations and transfers from the budget stabilization account may be deposited into the account; money in the account would only be allowed to be spent after appropriated.

The bill would mandate a sum of $86,080,000 be appropriated from the budget stabilization account to the homeless assistance account for the biennium ending in June 30, 2017. This sum would then be transferred from the homeless assistance account to the Department of Commerce for the purposes of this bill. The bill would stipulate the funds be allocated in the following amounts for specific purposes: $4,625,000 (services to homeless youth), $3,000,000 (consolidated homeless grant program), $18,455,000 (behavioral health housing and services to provide housing and stabilization services to the chronically homeless, mentally ill, or chemically dependent), $60,000,000 (sheltering, including emergency shelter and support services, for individuals and families including assistance to families in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program and to the housing and essential needs program).

The bill also mandates a sum of up to $100,000,000 to be appropriated from the budget stabilization account to the housing trust fund for the biennium ending June 30, 2017. $95,000,000 would be allocated to for housing, and $5,000,000 would be used for operations and maintenance costs for affordable and supportive housing.