Status Summary

SB 5279 did not come up for executive action in the House Committee on Early Learning & Human Services and therefore died.

Legislative Session





Sen. Carrell

Sponsored by Sen. Carrell, SB 5279 adds medical cannabis to the list of items prohibited from being purchased with an electronic benefit card.   The bill also states that, on or before January 1, 2014, retail establishments licensed under Title 66 RCW to sell spirits and not subject to the mandate in subsection (2) of this section must disable the ability of point-of-sale machines located on their business premises to accept the electronic benefit card for the purchase of spirits.

Substitute bill:  As amended, SB 5279 prohibits EBT purchases of marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia rather than medical marijuana.  Technical changes are made to the language prohibiting retail establishments from  accepting EBT cards for the purchase of spirits.