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$34.796m GFS/Total


$3.362m GFS/Total

House: Funding is provided for additional Working Connections Child Care subsidies to implement 12-month eligibility consistent with Engrossed Second Substitute House Bill 1491 (Early care and education system).

Senate: Funding is provided to implement a provision in the Second Substitute Senate Bill 5452 that requires the Department of Early Learning to adopt rules that provide up to 90 days of continued child care coverage, when a recipient experiences
a gap in his or her employment or approved activity during a 12-month authorization period. In order to continue child care coverage, the recipient must be looking for another job or have verbal or written assurance that the approved activity or employment will resume within 90 days. This is estimated to benefit 169 households each month, which is an increase of 1 percent over the current Working Connections Caseload of 29,696 households. Funding for the Working Connections Child care program is increased to reflect this policy.

Note: The Senate refers to their approach to this as the WCCC Gap Policy