Cut-off week is always a whirlwind of activity... Bills have to be out of the original policy committees today and out of the fiscal committees by the end of the day/night on Tuesday, February 9th. So, while everyone is working hard to make sure their policy bills make it out of committee, many are simultaneously trying to get the bills heard in the fiscal committee, and often there are more bills than time to hear/exec them.

Because things are happening quickly, the tracking system is not always able to keep up, which means that some of the information on the Bill Tracker may be outdated at times. Our hope is that everything will be up to date by the time we send out next week's update!

After Tuesday’s fiscal cut-off, the action turns to Rules and the floor of the House and Senate. Bills must get through Rules before they can go to the floor for a vote, and as with getting bills in and out of the fiscal committees, there are likely more bills than time to address in Rules and beyond.

And while this is all going on with bills, the budget writers are hard at it, putting together budgets under the cloud of ‘no money’ and many, many requests. The House budget will likely come out shortly after the next revenue forecast (around the 17th) and the Senate budget soon thereafter.

Don’t forget, if you are interested in listening to a hearing that took place, check the TVW Archives. Put in the date and committee, and hopefully that will take you where you want to be!

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Have a good weekend!


Laurie Lippold
Public Policy Director