As of today, bills must be out of the opposite house or they will die – unless, of course, the substance of the bill gets included in another bill, which could happen if a bill is in dispute, changes are being made, and the bill will have to be voted on by both sides before Sine Die anyway.  Confused?  The process can be confusing, and when things are moving at a rapid pace, which they have been all session, it can be hard to follow.  Nonetheless, POC is still staying on top of our Bill Tracker, so we hope you’re finding it helpful.

Once a bill has gone through final passage, it heads to the Governor, who has a certain number of days to sign, veto, or not sign it.  If the Governor doesn’t sign a bill, it still goes into effect.  Bill signings are open to the public, so if there is a bill you are interested in, you can either look at the Governor’s website for a list of bills being signed or contact the Governor’s Office, and they will give you a call the day or so before he takes action.

The big question floating around Olympia is whether or not there wlll be a budget.  The House and Senate budgets are approximately $600-$700 million apart, which means getting to agreement will be extremely challenging.  But it would be unprecedented to not have a budget, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  March 10th is Sine Die.  Stay tuned!

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Laurie Lippold
Public Policy Director