Key Takeaway

This 2014 summary brief provides background on parenting programs, the challenges the state faces in reaching families with tailored, evidence-informed parenting programs and one potential solution – the new Strive parenting program.

Evidence-Based Practices (EBPs) to improve family functioning, child safety and well-being are not well developed for use with child welfare-involved families. In addition, the EBPs available are cost-prohibitive for widespread implementation. Therein lies an opportunity for Partners for Our Children and partners to develop, test and disseminate an open-source parenting program aimed at keeping children safely at home and/or to support family reunification.

Working closely with partners, POC is leading the effort to develop a parenting program, which will be non-proprietary, free or low-cost, adjustable and widely disseminated in Washington State and beyond. Once developed and tested, POC will encourage program adoption through our public policy work, particularly within the performance-based contracting requirements already in state law.

This 2014 brief provides more information on the Strive parenting program.