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Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA)

Voluntary Placement Agreement (VPA).  VPAs are time-limited plans for a short-term removal and placement in out-of-home care for a child (0-17) who cannot remain safely in the parents' or legal guardian's home. Children’s Administration limits the use of VPAs in order to support parents and encourage the provision of in-home services to keep children safely at home. VPAs up to seven days must be approved by a supervisor; VPAs beyond seven days, up to a maximum of 30 days, must be approved by the Regional Administrator. VPAs must be signed by both parents or by legal guardians of the child unless unable to locate other parent/legal guardian. VPAs for children under age 18 may only be approved in the following circumstances: 1) following a safety assessment, a determination that in-home safety plan cannot control the identified safety threats, and a Family Team Decision Meeting (FTDM) verification that a short term VPA is needed; 2) after business hours when a safety threat exist and the child has not placed in protective custody by law enforcement; 3) when a parent or legal guardian needs care for the child while the parent receives medical care/treatment and they have no one available to provide basic care for the child; or 4) when the other parent or legal guardian is out-of-state or out-of-country, and not immediately available to provide care for the child.