Key Takeaway:
A 2008 survey of parents in Washington's child welfare system found that 20% of the parents are neither employed nor receiving public assistance. Controlling for demographic factors, these parents engage less with the child welfare system.


Focusing on family economic circumstances in data from a 2008 survey of parents in Washington’s child welfare system, this study found that 20% of these parents are economically disconnected (that is, neither employed nor receiving public cash assistance), and that even when controlling for basic demographic factors, these economically disconnected parents report lower engagement with the child welfare system and their social worker than parents who are not economically disconnected.


Hook, J. L., Lee, J. S., & Marcenko, M. O. (2011). Economically disconnected families involved with child welfare services in Washington State (Discussion Paper Vol. 1(4)). Seattle, WA: University of Washington School of Social Work, Partners for Our Children.